Inspiration arrives

Sometimes inspiration arrives from nowhere. Quite often I will start a piece and then lose interest. It then gets left, rather than force the creative process and the piece becoming mangled. I had an idea of making a flying carpet from woven wire, rather than my usual knitting or crumpling methods. It started out fine but then I had no idea where to go with it, so it became discarded.

A friend of mine then phoned me a month or so later and wanted to commission a piece. She said that she had had thoughts of flying and I said “well, I’ve already started creating it!”. Knowing her well, I then added features to it that resonated with her journey. The background was chaos, she embraces chaos. Then I added a spiral pattern to indicate her searching. Finally gold wire was used to knot and distort the carpet to make it more three dimensional, representing resistance, distorting and flexing the world.

Sometimes inspiration just arrives when I allow it.

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