Channelling the subconscious

Creativity is a such a useful tool for for dealing with uncomfortable emotions or indeed joyful times also – a celebration. In life there are ups and downs and in betweens and sometimes I find that rather than having a cake, ice cream or a drink to quell or enhance feelings I move more now to creativity.

Original sculpture – ‘Locked – the right fit?’

If I’m struggling to make sense of a situation and think my way through, I find that put some paint in my hands or wire or wax or any other kind of material, things happen, shapes form and sometimes this teaches me how to deal with feelings, actions and emotions. Or it just leaves me satisfied, without knowing why. I guess it is about expression and ‘getting it out’.

Morphed sculpture – ‘Free’

It might be that rather than create from scratch, I break, bend or blend something already created (from The Creative Brain on Netflix). Creativity doesn’t have to be an original idea, it can come from someone else’s idea or a piece already created that has less meaning now.

I also hope that, in some ways, my pieces help to allow people to channel their own thoughts and feelings, by seeing what appears to them, in terms of meanings behind my art. If they do, great, if not, no problem. This piece reminded my work colleague, who viewed it the other day, of a lavender field and he was thinking about what the gold meant to him in the background. For me, when I created it, it was about the future and interestingly, I’m still not so sure why.

The mind works in mysterious ways and I believe it yearns for expression, in more forms than words and thoughts. This is what creativity facilitates and It allows us to flourish in so many ways.

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