Collapsing the wave function

The future has limitless possibilities and we have no idea what might turn up until it happens. In quantum theory there is a thought experiment, devised by Edwin Schrodinger, where a cat resides in a box and with it there is a radioactive substance about to decay. We cannot predict when the substance will decay, but when it does it causes a poison to be released into the box, thereby killing the cat. With the box closed, we have no idea if the cat is alive or dead. The concept is that pussy is both dead and alive at the same time. There is a wave function of probability as to whether the cat is dead or alive. It is not until we open the box that we cause the wave function to collapse into reality, and discover pussy’s mortal status.

Collapsing the wave function

In our experience, every nanosecond and smaller, the wave function in our world collapses into the reality of right here, right now. If we ignore the now by continuously thinking about the past or worrying about the future, we are missing out on our life as it is. By staying as present as possible, by listening, feeling, smelling, tasting, touching, seeing and using intuitive senses, we can tap into deep forms of creativity, often messages of which we are unaware.

The past few weeks for me have brought up themes of umbrellas, boxes, penguins and padlocks unlocking, all of which have found their way into my art (well, apart from the penguins, but never say never……).

Feeling the wave function collapsing every moment, with awareness, is a wonder in itself, as it is just being.

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