Creating in the moment

Over the years I have come to a place of creating my art totally in the moment. This particularly is the case for my paintings (more mark makings). My choice is only involved prior to the act, in the selection of palette and implement (a ball of screwed up wire). When I start I squirter he oil quite randomly on the surface and the movevents are governed by flow and, what I call, channelling the universe. If I find myself thinking ‘moving that way would make a nicer effect’, I stop and become more present. I guess it’s a kind of meditation.

The wire creates a kind of sculptural effect with the paint and sometimes I use one strand to to trail paths through. By not focusing on the outcome at this point and purely being present and in the moment, I feel at harmony with the universe and enjoy the process of creating.

Eckhart Tolle, in this video explains how the ego can hinder creativity, especially if we are focused on how our piece will be received. If we are creating to obtain praise or validation then this is a never ending, unsatisfying void to try and fill. Obstacles may arise during the process, even if we are creating from presence, as the ego resists change and therefore resists creativity, as all creativity is change.

At the end of my mark making process, I then use my camera to focus in and select the final images. This is where I come back into the eye of the audience and make conscious choices about what the universe has created. It is then up to the viewer as to what it means.

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